View Full Version : Just Cause - played / bought?

21-09-06, 17:22


I just played the demo of Just Cause on Pc, and it really is beautiful! FarCry meets GTA basically.
I've just got some questions for anyone else who's played it / more than the demo.

Is it all set out in the style of 'do this mission before the sun sets' ? Or are there parts we can take our time?

The Demo level presents two different big islands (i think) but whilst trying to sail to another I saw the pop up "You're going the wrong direction" - would it be explorable in the actual game?

Is it possible to alter mouse sensitivity in the actual game? I can't work out how to on the demo.

Are the controls more fluid in the game or just as clunky? Because they seem pretty GTA, but not as fluid as GTA San Andreas.

Very cool though - wish I could work out how to grapple things whilst para'ing! The underwater graphics are worthy of some salivating, but I wish there were some fish or sharks in there!