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23-09-06, 03:27
Is anyone looking forward to halo 3 as much as i am?

I just can't wait to see how te story turns out!!:jmp: :jmp: :jmp:

23-09-06, 07:51
Yes I am :jmp: and I have watch the one and only released footage about 100 times :D

23-09-06, 13:32
hALO 3 is the ONLY reason I will buy an Xbox 360 next year.

hALO 2 on PC is the ONLY reason I will upgrade to MS Vista.

Dang, MS know how to sell don't they!


Hybrid Soldier
23-09-06, 14:48
I'll admit Halo games are good. Not the best though. Most of the fanboys dissagree with me though. ;)