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23-09-06, 23:04
Space, the Final Frontier, this is a Game i so despretly want since the rip-off from Star Wars Battle Front 2

I watched the TV Series and the Movies, but im not a big fan of it all, so should i buy it.



24-09-06, 13:34
The game looks very interesting, but I don't know how interesting it is in reality. The best Star Trek game I ever played is still Bridge Commander, and I think with this very broad focus this game has, it will probably not be as good. Still, it might be very cool.

Agent 47
24-09-06, 21:14
Bridge Commander is indeed a slendid game...........especially as it can be modded

personally i'm in the dark ages and prefere the original series, so i installed the mods from the classic series and original movies.....but added the DS9 Runabout and the Defiant aswell :jmp:

in my game though (in story mode/single player) i replaced the Galaxy Class with the Constitution Class Enterprise NCC-1701-A :D

AWSOME game.................can't say i like Armada though not too keen on rts of any kind

25-09-06, 02:50
This is another game for the 360 that I've got my eye on... too many games, not enough cash! I hope it winds up as good as it appears to be...

25-09-06, 15:30
Star Trek Legacy is for PC also

25-09-06, 23:52
Whether you should buy it? Don't ask me :D (of course you should - that's an order! ;) )

26-09-06, 11:36
Yes Captain, i shall Engage with Warp Factor 6

26-09-06, 15:52
I can't wait for this game! It's made by the same studio that made Oblivion so it promises to be a great and great looking game AND it will have Shatner, oh, and the other guys. :D

There have been so many decent to downright bad Star Trek video games. It use to be the same for Star Wars until the last few years. Maybe it's finally time for a great Trek game.

Although the Original Series is my favorite show, my favorite game is Deep Space 9: The Fallen. I highly recemend it. After that would be 25th Anniversary Game and Judgement Rites.

26-09-06, 20:32
Dont get Star Wars Battle Front 2, unless you are really board and really want to waste your Money. Its a PC Game made into a Playstation Graphic way.

Theres a New Star Trek Movie in the making http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0796366/

What are thse 2 about. 25th Anniversary Game and Judgement Rites.