View Full Version : Just Cause. Should I Buy It?

Mad Tony
24-09-06, 08:53
I am going to buy an Xbox 360 game (I only have two atm :o) And I am thinking about getting Just Cause.
Is it any good?
Is it worth it?

24-09-06, 09:11
Certainly! Xbox360 verion is magnificent!


The Good: Well-realized island setting; parachute and grappling gun lend the action a highly unique flavor; no loading times as you travel across the island; great variety of vehicles to pilot.

The Bad: Short story mode; not enough ancillary activities; gunplay is too easy; implementation of stunts a little clunky at times.


8.6 Presentation
It's kitsch and more than a little ridiculous, but everything fits together to form a wonderful, gloriously over-the-top whole.
9.1 Graphics
Pop-up and slight tearing don't spoil what's simply an absolutely stunning, entirely believable world.
8.7 Sound
Convincing environmental effects, daft but entirely congruous voice acting and some brilliant, perfectly apt music.
8.9 Gameplay
Some of the most memorable, eye-popping moments ever seen in a game - and you'll create them all yourself.
7.6 Lasting Appeal
Story missions fly by too fast and side-quests are uninspiring - but if you love the game mechanics, you'll still keep going.
(out of 10 / not an average) + editors choise award

Legend of Lara
24-09-06, 10:19
Doesn't matter on what system you get it on, PS2, 360 or XBox, it's still brilliant. You need this game. NEED it!!!

Mona Sax
24-09-06, 10:28
Rent it, play it for a few hours, and if it's still fun, buy it.

24-09-06, 11:00
im thinking of getting this game too

Hybrid Soldier
24-09-06, 14:28
Imo, it looks decent. From all the screenshots and such.

You should get it just because. :p

24-09-06, 15:10
The controls are way to sensitive on PC. The map is gigantic, but you can only do story missions and sidemissions(as far as I know). Some nice things in this game you can call for a vehicle drop and a helicopter will come drop a vehicle for you. Or you can ask for extraction when you feel like it.

I found it disturbing you can't crouch and I don't like the players animations.

Mad Tony
24-09-06, 15:25
I didn't get it.
It cost £50 and couldn't be bothered to pay that kind of money.
Instead I brought Lego Star wars II, AOE3 strategy guide and The Sims 2 Glamour Stuff.
Which was cheaper that Just Cause.