View Full Version : fun with dHTML

24-09-06, 21:41
I hope this works on most browsers. There's a lot of code so just click yes to any alerts you get.

24-09-06, 21:44
Huh!Dont get it lol

24-09-06, 21:53
This is fun :tmb:

24-09-06, 21:57
dHTML lets you add movement to your web pages. It's not done with Flash or animation software. You use the <DIV> tags which allows you to move anything inside those tags. You cannot move a picture by itself, but you can move the DIV which contains it. It's much more useful than plain HTML which only lets you post links and pix. You use CSS in place of inline coding which lets you access a picture's location on the screen. Then you can program a loop to add a value to either the horizontal or vertical position so the pic appears to move. I guess it means more if you like to code for a hobby.