View Full Version : Sony going for the Japan Market only?

25-09-06, 16:52
With Microsoft announcing that the 360 can run 1080P and with the Wii coming out about 200-400 dollars cheaper than the PS3 and then Sony lowering the 20G version price for Japan only I am wondering if they are conceeding the US and European markets to Microsoft and Nitendo and forting up in Japan?

25-09-06, 20:16
I read this too. Sony said it was to apologize for the delay - and then they stuck two fingers up at the US and EU gamers. No biggie though - it's only for the basic version - so it is pretty redundant. Sony just keep digging a bigger hole. I hope they rot in hell. :)

Collision Cat
27-09-06, 06:48
I want the PS3! Otherwise I'll have to make do with an X-Box 360! :(

27-09-06, 13:51
Nintendo of Canada indicated that they are going to have a million Wii units for the North America launch in November.

27-09-06, 13:55
Oui pour la Wii. :) :yah: