View Full Version : The general crash bandicoot thread!

26-09-06, 09:54
HEllo everyone i hope u heard bout crash bandicoot,if u did so plz come and post here anything bout it!
for those who don't know,it's an adventure game developped by naughty dog
there's also karting games bout it,i love 'em so much the best one's called "crash team racing" the best karting game ever!^^
this one is crash twinsanity!

26-09-06, 17:50
Moving to games section. ...

Legend of Lara
26-09-06, 19:07
I used to like Crash Bandicoot. Crash 2 is my fave. But after Crash Team Racing the series went downhill. It started to blow at Wrath of Cortex, Twinsanity had no Crash feeling and Tag Team was too lifeless. :(

Mad Tony
26-09-06, 19:09
I love the classics.
The new ones are just crap.

26-09-06, 20:06
I LOVE CRASH BANDICOOT! CB 1-3 and CTR were the BEST! The new ones though were a bit crap. Wrath of Cortex was OK but the LONG loading times really ruined it.
Crash Twinsanity sucked. I was at 79% in about 2 1/2 hours. It was TOO short. The music was AWFUL and ANNOYING. I hate the theme tune of CT.

It's too bad that Naughty Dog don't make CB games now. Is there gonna be another CB game?

26-09-06, 20:16
I only completed Crash 3. After that, it's not that I lost interest in it, I just stopped playing the series. It always happens when I don't start from the first game of the series.

TR freak
26-09-06, 21:01
I like crash. I've played crash 1, 2, 3, CTR, twinsanity and CTTR. Crash 1 - CTR are brilliant and twinsanity is pretty good. CTTR is just terrible imo. My personal fav is crash 2. The funniest is twinsanity. I think twinsanity is brilliant but its just too short. I was loving it but when I got to the end I was like "Is that it?" Then I went to make it 100%. That took about an extra day. It could have been the best crash game if only it were longer. I thinks its better than crash 1 but compared to crash 2, 3 and CTR it could have been better. I haven't played wrath of cortex but I hear thats a pretty poor game anyway. Neo Cortex even says so in twinsanity. CTTR is the worst one I've played imo. It just bored me.

Tomb Raider Master
26-09-06, 21:03
I have played Crash Team Racing, Crash Bash and Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 and they were very interesting. :tmb:

26-09-06, 21:30
I love CB's, I have 1, 2, CTR and Wrath of Cortex, also played 3... I tried "speedrunning" (Quotes because I sucked like so...) CB1 single-segment any% for fun, got somewhere below 2 hours :rolleyes:

27-09-06, 10:52
My brother loves the crash bandicoot racing game but not me.

Legend of Lara
27-09-06, 14:07
Crash Nitro Kart, the second Crash PS2 game, is possibly the slowest game ever.