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26-09-06, 18:20
Hey all..

I've recently been playing SH3 again, and now have 8 saves on my PS2 memory card.

I'm just wondering how you delete these saves? I want to get rid of 6 of them and just be left with 2, but can't figure out how to do it.

I've looked in the manual, tried pressing several buttons, but can't seem to find a solution.

And I don't want to delete my main save (accessed through the PS2s main browser/config utility) as this will delete everything...

Please tell me i'm not being stupid and there is actually a way to do this?


Yuna´s Wish
26-09-06, 18:21
I think there is no way to do it, sorry:(

But maybe someone knows something I ignore...

26-09-06, 18:27
Turn the PS2 on without a disc inside it. This will enable you to access your memory card and delete unwanted files.

26-09-06, 18:33
Turn the PS2 on without a disc inside it. This will enable you to access your memory card and delete unwanted files.

No no...this doesnt work...

SH3 creates one save on the memory card. But this one save contains information for upto 50 individual save-games...

I currently have 8 individual save-games... ie, slots 1-8 of the 50 slot 'main' save data are in use. But I want to get rid of 6 of these, and thus reduce the overall size of the 'main' SH3 data...

If I turned on the PS2 with no CD, i could delete the SH3 data. But this will delete ALL of my save-games... (but i want 2 to be kept)...

Hope that makes sense...?

Anyone with a PS2 version of SH3 out there?

And thanks for the advice so far :yah:

27-09-06, 03:08
Sorry, you'll just have to live with the excess saves. You can only delete one file, not part of a file.

27-09-06, 08:32
Lol just what I thought...

Bit of a bad design if you ask me...

Ahh well, ta for the clarification :D

27-09-06, 10:48
I got that kind of problem with other game: Lord of The Rings, two towers.
What I do is this:

Get a game shark or other disc that allows you to format your memory card. All things will be gone sadly but you won't be living with that annoying bug for the rest of your life

27-09-06, 12:37
In fairness to SH3 though, it does at least give you about 40 slots to put savegames in :D

27-09-06, 20:54
go to the place where it says load game and press triangle on the 6 u want to delete. then i t will ask if it is ok to delete those saves. u have to do those individually tho.