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26-09-06, 19:03
Does anyone here use IRC?

Because I've been thinking of starting a TRF-channel, and I'd like to know if anyone would wanna join :)

26-09-06, 19:24


I dont have a clue what it is actually

26-09-06, 19:25
It's a chat program :)

26-09-06, 19:26
I use IRC. I was going to set up an IRC channel (there is acually one online that I didn't tell anyone about) but the admins didn't seem to like the idea all too well..

But if anyone is still interested, I will get a channel regged on a server (I know an admin at a good server) and I will be pleased to get it all set up and sort out a JAVA client also.

Internet Relay Chat. A live chat area of the Internet in which real-time conversations among two or more people take place via special software. Each specific IRC channel begins with a # and is dedicated to a different area of interest. IRC is considered another part of the technology of the Internet the same way FTP, Telnet and the Web are.
Please let me know.
Jamie :D

26-09-06, 19:28
ohhh i know now,

thanks wiki :hug:

yer I'd love to join if one was made

26-09-06, 19:30
Well I could get one sorted out for tonight, but only if the admins minded. The channel can be about Tomb Raider, and not these forums if the admins weren't so kean on the idea.

I would moderate the channel as much as I could, and members of the community could also.

Let me know,
Jamie. :p

26-09-06, 19:32
I was thinking of a TRF channel, so that those who are mods here could be ops there etc.

26-09-06, 19:34
Yeah, so was I. But I was saying, if the mods/admins didn't actually like the idea, people of the community could moderate it instead.

I would love it if the mods from TRF did help, because they have been great on the forums in the past.

26-09-06, 19:34
I used to but eventually got out of it. But I'm up for an IRC TRF channel, we all know each other (as far as the forum goes) so it'd be different.

26-09-06, 19:39
Right, I have a channel online if anyone wants to join. I've only just set it up, so it needs a bit of work :p

Thanks :D
(Admins, please remove if you feel appropiate :p)


26-09-06, 19:48
Sorry Jamie, I have had to remove that. We can't allow something that will take members away from this forum. I hope you understand our reasoning. :)

As to the idea, we have always been against it because it can be a nightmare to moderate. And we've discussed it many times before.

26-09-06, 19:49
Take members away? I'm not gonna stop coming here because of IRC :confused:

27-09-06, 11:13
maybe we can have mods for the chatroom then :p