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Lone Raider
27-09-06, 08:38
I think I've reached quite a level of expertise in the field. This is an example of this week's excuses for son no.2.

"Dear Mr. Teacher,
please excuse Johnny's absence from wednesday, 27/9/06 til (?). He is currently undergoing a high pressure cleaning phase. We are in the process of removing the top inch of dirt layer.

You, as a science teacher, will surely understand that archaeological excavations do take their time.

We'll keep in touch.

A.B + J.B"

27-09-06, 08:43
LMAO :vlol:
I need to use something like that to get out of work :D

27-09-06, 09:09
Well that's an excuse :vlol:

27-09-06, 10:05
lol...not mcuh of a come back for that excuse.

27-09-06, 10:12
Tell your son, when he finishes to drop by my place :D

27-09-06, 10:14
:D Very good. I have this sudden mental picture of a child-shaped mound of mud and twigs being hosed down with a pressure washer......

It's a bit like that famous letter to a school teacher, "Please excuse little Tommy from school today; he has diarrrhoea through a hole in his shoe."

27-09-06, 10:42
LMAO :vlol: children are so cute and naive I love them XD

27-09-06, 13:40
LMAO !!!!!!!! :vlol: :vlol:

27-09-06, 14:48
:D :D :D Inventively. Did your teacher believe?

Lone Raider
27-09-06, 14:54
No, this is an emergency Plan B excuse, in case the other fails. (he's still home)

It goes like this,

"Dear Mr. Teacher,
please excuse Johnny."

27-09-06, 15:07
It goes like this,

"Dear Mr. Teacher,
please excuse Johnny."

:p Laconic & not so impressive, but has more chances to produce the requiring effect

28-09-06, 15:01