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28-09-06, 16:44
I've seen talk today that the demo is on the Xbox Live Marketplace!!! Can anyone here confirm this? (I'm at work). You can only fight as Kane and HHH (hopefully you can be either guy)... :D

Actually, people on Gamefaqs are talking about this very matter-of-factly, so it must be up!!! I can't wait to get home! :yah:

29-09-06, 02:21
Okay, not everyone frequents the WWE thread in General Chat so I've copied my post from there to give you my in-depth initial impressions of this demo:

Okay folks, I've played the demo for a good while, so let's get to it:

The graphics are simply awesome. Kane and HHH are spot-on to my eye and everything else is gorgeous as well. The arena and especially the crowd have gotten a tremendous make-over aided by the power of the 360. This does make a BIG difference towards really drawing you in to the experience. Gone are the blob-like fans near the barriers and the blurry mess that was the rest of the crowd. You can see the sweat on the wrestlers, and when someone's face is busted open (happened a lot, lol) the blood runs much more realistically than before. A lot of animations remain from 2006 but I saw a lot more that have been added, and that enhances the experience a lot. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it but the announcing from JR and King seems to be a lot better this time around too. Overall, from a visual and audio perspective, this game on the 360 is a REAL TREAT. :D

The most important thing is the gameplay, of course, and there are plenty of improvements that 360 and PS2 players will be able to enjoy equally, I'm sure. First off the controls are VASTLY different, that is true. They really take some getting used to, especially since the demo doesn't show you what combinations do what (it took me forever to figure out how to Irish-whip, for instance). Nonetheless all the moves are there once you get used to it--and plenty more. There are also 4 different control schemes to choose from, and one, option C seems to be about the same as the 2006 controls (so those who don't get used to the new ones can use those).

The most fun--and most new thing that the demo shows off is the "hot spots". Basically by getting your opponent into a power grapple you can then drag them to a hot-spot and moves are automatically initiated (from there you can do some different things though). Drag him to the steel steps and you'll begin slamming his head onto them. You do this yourself by moving the analog stick up and then down--quite intuitive! Drag your opponent to the turnbuckle and you can do the good old punches to the head that you see so often--again move the stick up and down for each punch. It's pretty fun, but there's a lot more places. Drag your opponent to the ropes and you can do a few things (I had two done to me; first my face was rubbed back and forth on the top rope! The second time Kane lifted me to straddle the top rope and then he pulled it up and down to give me a painful ride).

One of my favorites is to pull the opponent to the announce table... first you'll slam his head onto the table then you'll automatically pull off the cover and remove the monitors (how many times have we seen that?!). From there you'll have a wire from the monitors and you can choke your opponent with it--again by using the analog stick. After you've cleared an announce table you can whip your opponent against it and--if you have a finisher stored--you can chose to do your guys' finisher there (it's said to be different for different wrestlers, but it's NOT your normal finisher). For instance I, as HHH, did the announce table finisher to Kane and HHH went up onto the apron (or was it the turnbuckle--can't remember, funny...) and did a cool flying elbow, crashing into Kane and crushing the announce table. Very awesome.

You can also take the fight into the crowd, as we've all heard--and it's as good as promised. You can pick up all kinds of weapons that are lying around, trash cans, tables, sticks... you can also take items from fans that are next to railing and use them as weapons. One time I took a sign from a fan and it was a "HHH rules!" sign... I was HHH so the animation showed me showing the sign off pointing at it, etc. Pretty cool. I've heard that derogatory signs will be ripped up by your wrestler, but I only grabbed the one while I played. Outside the ring this is just a few things I was able to do: I threw Kane over the steel rail and onto some fans. I whipped him into some big speakers. I hit him with a fire extinguisher and also sprayed him with it! I set up a regular table and climbed the scaffolding and did a diving attack. I also set him up onto a table and I got the option to do my finisher. This time I got up on the table and pedigreed him through it! He was down a LONG time after that! :D

I don't believe I've even scratched the surface of what can be done in the demo--I really feel there's plenty more to do! What takes a long time is just getting used to the new control scheme, but I was getting quite a bit better as I went along. I really want to use the new controls because I think they probably will enhance the ultimate enjoyment of the game more than just using one of the old control schemes. I think the new controls are probably better but they'll take time to get used to after knowing the old ones so well.

Just a few other notes: This may or may not apply to the PS2 version... the collision detection is MUCH better in this game than in previous ones. Clipping is also MUCH less of a problem. This could just be because of the more powerful system though, so I don't want to promise PS2 fans that they'll experience this--but hopefully you will! The matches flow very well, a little more slowly, it seems, but this is not really a bad thing--it makes it seem more realistic IMO. I intend to play this demo TO DEATH... it's that good! I can't wait for the full game to be released but THQ and MS has given us a great treat with this demo! Hopefully for you PS2 fans there will be a demo disc available, but I can tell you if you own a 360 you will find this to be the ultimate wrestling game experience! :yah:

ADDITION: I almost forgot: the loading video shows both King Booker and DX, lending credence to the story I've heard that both will be in the 360 version of the game (not PS2 from what I've heard, sorry). To add further proof, one of HHH's taunts is the DX crotch chops!

29-09-06, 16:57
i found this on xbox live last night (along with ipod support which i didnt know the 360 had lol so thats keeping me entertained)

I have been waiting for this game for so so sooo long (every year infact lol) so im so happy the demo is out so early :D woop!

its actually great. the controls are taking some getting used to but thats because i was so excited i didnt watch the videos for the new system lmao

roll on full release i say :D