View Full Version : Is Just Cause PC version Next-Gen?

28-09-06, 18:36
Hi new to these forums!
But i have be lookin at the Just Cause screenshots for PC and 360 and they looked next gen (360 style graphics). But when i got the game the graphics looked good but were not next gen/ 360 type graphics. Is there a way of configuring the game to hav next gen graphics or is the game just not next gen? Or do u think a patch will come out with next gen content? I sure hope so!

(if u were wondering yes i hav the specs for next gen/360 content)

Mona Sax
28-09-06, 18:43
Judging from the demo, it's probably "semi next gen" (what a stupid name anyway - if it were truly "next" gen, that gen wouldn't even be out yet). The X360 screenshots look a bit better, maybe there are some lighting effects that didn't make it into the PC version.

28-09-06, 19:24
PC version = Xbox1 version + some sweet water&lights effects :(

28-09-06, 21:34
Game looks fine, but it says you need at least a Radeon X1800 card to run it properly, also it does not support AA, but you can force it in the ATi control panel...