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29-09-06, 15:38
I wonder if this is affecting the PS3 launch

The article came from the Chicago Tribune
More Headaches for Sony Over Batteries

AP Business Writer
Published September 29, 2006, 8:54 AM CDT

TOKYO -- The Japanese electronics makers Toshiba and Fujitsu are recalling batteries made by Sony for their laptop computers while personal computer maker Dell expanded its earlier recall of Sony battery packs. The batteries can short-circuit and have been blamed for causing some computers to catch fire.

The latest announcements bring the tally of recalled Sony batteries to about 7 million worldwide, and are a major embarrassment for the Japanese electronics and entertainment powerhouse.

Toshiba Corp. said Friday that it is recalling 830,000 batteries made by Sony for its laptop computers. Hours later, Fujitsu Ltd. recalled an undisclosed number of Sony batteries that are used in 19 of its laptop models, according to Fujitsu spokesman Masao Sakamoto.

The recalls comes as Sony Corp. is in the midst of a major overhaul of its operations, closing plants, shutting divisions and trimming jobs.

Sony said earlier Friday it had asked manufacturers using its problem batteries to carry out a recall.

It has said the batteries could catch fire in rare cases when microscopic metal particles came into contact with other parts of the battery cell, leading to a short circuit. Typically a battery pack will shut off when there is a short circuit but on occasion the battery would catch fire instead.

The Toshiba recall involves Dynabook, Qosmio, Satellite Portege and Tecra models, but regional breakdowns and dates of manufacturing weren't immediately available, said Toshiba spokesman Keisuke Omori.

Omori said Toshiba's recall was in response to Sony's request, and Toshiba had not found any cases in which the laptops were at risk of catching fire.

"But we wanted to assure and satisfy our customers," he said.

Dell Inc., the world's largest personal computer maker, said Friday that it is increasing the recall of Sony battery packs used in its systems to 4.2 million units from 4.1 million units. It already was the largest electronics-related recall in U.S. history.

Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell said that the increase in the recall was made due to additional information received about the battery packs containing cells manufactured by Sony.

Dell and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the initial recall on Aug. 15, blaming Sony battery cells. Dell began shipping replacement batteries on Aug. 15.

On Friday, Dell said customers should recheck their batteries if they have not ordered or received a replacement battery.

On Thursday, IBM Corp. and Lenovo Group, the world's third-largest computer maker, said they were seeking the recall of 526,000 rechargeable, lithium-ion Sony batteries purchased with ThinkPad computers after one of them caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport this month.

In August, Apple Computer Inc. recalled 1.8 million batteries worldwide, warning they could catch fire.

Last week, Toshiba said it was recalling 340,000 laptop batteries, also made by Sony, but that was for a problem that caused the laptops to run out of power.

29-09-06, 15:44
Well this is another blow for Sony.

This what I found intresting:

The recalls comes as Sony Corp. is in the midst of a major overhaul of its operations, closing plants, shutting divisions and trimming jobs.

That is definately not a healthy sign for a major company.

29-09-06, 18:08
Yeah, it doesn't sound great but you have to remember Sony is like Microsoft of Asia they have mass appeal and they are also very good partners with other Asian companies. Sony is taking a big risk with the PS3 and Blue ray, but it is minimal in a way if either one does good the other will, thats one reason why PS3's have Blu ray technology, because sony is betting that they will sale alot of PS3's just because of its movie capiabilities and its a gaming system I'll take that. You have to remember to that new technology is expensive and sony has to take a hit somewhere, plus I bet alot of people don't remember VCR's that cost $500 yup, a long time a ago.

29-09-06, 18:24
I think they are separate divisions of Sony, and will have little or no effect.

As for the PS3 I would rather have a strictly gaming machine than a multimedia machine. (I hardly use my ps2 as a DVD player)
That way they can concentrate on what matters most the games, and Plus it is more cost effective.

30-09-06, 17:43
I'm quite certain that this has no relation to the PS3 launch. Actually, I'm quite happy about this because this gave me two brand new batteries for my old iBook in exchange for two old ones, one of which could not hold power for more than ten minutes operation anymore, but that is probably not the point of this thread.

I do believe, however, that this is going to cost Sony some money that they'd probably be happy to have, should the PS3 launch get problematic.

30-09-06, 18:16
Yeah, it shouldn't affect the PS3 launch, unless it's using the same batt. pack :pi: