View Full Version : Ever Lowened The Pitch Of A Song ?

29-09-06, 19:25
Ever tried it ? :)
Sometimes they sound amazing better than the originals :)
I've just done it on a recording of " frozen " and it sounds so powerful...
better than the original :yik: ( well erm close :p )

i dno why... itll rub off me :)

29-09-06, 19:51
I worked well for a overly high pitched final fantasy song, it sounded much better after lowering the pitch. Its pretty effective on occasions ^.^

Captain Mazda
29-09-06, 21:11
Then there's the comedic value...

29-09-06, 21:13
It's better when I use my voice changer. To see serious scenes from lost with manly or girly voices cheers me up... but spoils them somewhat when I watch Lost again.