View Full Version : Check out my awesome Halloween costume!!!

Soma Holiday
30-09-06, 00:09
Yeah, I'm a nerd...but I love it! Plus I'ma get my buddy to make my makeup look like I'm a zombie! YAY!!





I love halloween!

30-09-06, 00:12
is that umbrella logo I see :cln:

Love it! :D

30-09-06, 00:15
Funny thing about this is I go out looking like that nearly every day *except* Halloween. :cln: I don't usually have the undead look as well though. :p

Zombies rock! Post pics when you're finished the makeover? :tmb: :D

SpongeBob Lover
30-09-06, 02:27
It rocks!!! it looks great on you :tmb: im going to be a insane killer :D

Lonely Istari
30-09-06, 03:18
ooooh that is soooo fun! I love the tough look! I want to do something similar, but I dont know what.

30-09-06, 13:00
Slick! I'd love to join you as Barry Burton..

'That was a close one. A second late, you would've fit nicely into a sandwich.'

I'd say that at every door instead of 'Trick or Treat!'

30-09-06, 15:21

30-09-06, 15:29
Woot! Umbrella corporation outfit.:cln:

It's awesome and I'm so jealous XD.

30-09-06, 15:43

Is it Halloween soon?

Lara Croft!
30-09-06, 15:47
Hmmm...and the Umbrella logo....very RE!!!I like it!

30-09-06, 15:50
Yeah, I'm a nerd...but I love it! Plus I'ma get my buddy to make my makeup look like I'm a zombie! YAY!!
I love halloween!
If i had umbrella corporation outfit i would have worn it the whole year i'm being so jealous;)

30-09-06, 15:53
Is it Halloween soon?
In 31st October.;)

Legend of Lara
30-09-06, 16:55
Nice costume. :tmb:
We don't celebrate Halloween in Iceland though. :( If we would however, I would go out as Viewtiful Joe every year!!! :D

30-09-06, 17:49
love it soma! :tmb:

i have no idea what i want to be yet...maybe someone from HP i have no clue hahaha.

Tomb Raider Master
30-09-06, 17:51
Very cool, Soma! :tmb:

30-09-06, 18:19
Im jelous!
I would so go as an umbrella corp. character but im stuck thinking of something easier, probably Ace Ventura, Pet detective.

30-09-06, 18:28

Now all it needs is some dark green metallic eyeshadow.....:pi: :mis: Great stuff Soma; I especially love the gloves!

Soma Holiday
30-09-06, 22:22
Thanx everyone! Glad you all like it!

What's really cool is that we're having school events too, so I get to dress up in different outfits...I'm going to be a fairy in one, a school-girl zombie in one, and an RE character for this one...

like I said, halloween is the greatest...:)

30-09-06, 22:30
Aww, I'm so jealous. We never celebrate Halloween in here..:(

01-10-06, 12:14
omg that is so ace your going as rein from resident evil. man i love that movie. i cant wait for my mates halloween party im not sure wot to go as though lol

01-10-06, 12:45
Cool costume! Umbrella employee? :D

Laras Backpack
01-10-06, 12:58
Fantastic idea! :tmb:
If enough of my friends were into computer games I'd host a computer game themed Halloween party. But alas they are not... :(

01-10-06, 13:00
That is wicked!! <3 :D I want one of those @____@ Most thing I love about Halloween is candy! X3