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30-09-06, 07:40
Waaah i'm so depressed!

what is he doing to himself?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v505/DeBoRaH85/83_Killers1_L281005.jpg ah he was so cute here
and here...

however i must give props for their new song "When You Were Young."

very good :hug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFitKsgCE90 watch the video and see what you think!

02-10-06, 00:14
no one likes the killers? :confused:

02-10-06, 00:23
They're cool. I've some of their music videos before. :)

02-10-06, 00:52
I actually liked the band for some time but they kind of faded away. They weren't a band that could keep me interested for years to come, very few can but it was a good band at the time. I don't know to much about their new stuff but i guess his voice sounds kind of old to me.

Lonely Istari
06-10-06, 03:16
AHHH I lluuuurrrrvvveee them :D :D :D

and Brandon is dead sexy!! (or was anyway before the ugly facial hair... some guys can pull it off... Brandon, sadly isn't one of them...)yummmm


It's really just the mustache that I think it ugly... the scruffy beard-ness is actually kinda yummy... but the mustache... ewww :p

06-10-06, 19:59
ooh nice pic LI! :D yes...i agree Brendan is no man for a mustache.

06-10-06, 20:01
Never heard of him or the band, but he looks cute in all pics. :p

But eyeliner DOES help... :mis:

06-10-06, 20:07
yes...there are some guys that CAN pull of eyeliner...brandon flowers IS one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-10-06, 20:18
And the guy in my avatar. :p
Oh, and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance...
And Ville Valo from HIM. :D

Will watch musicvideo now. :)