View Full Version : Just Cause from Sendit.com

30-09-06, 10:45
I got Just Cause today and yet again there is something wrong. The last problem I had with Sendit.com was with Tomb Raider: Legend game (cracked casing). This problem is even worse. The disc has two really long deep scratches on it. So, now I have to send it back and wait YET another week to play the game. At least with Tomb Raider: Legend I could play the game a little while since it wasn't scratched. Also, for some reason it did not come in the seal like Tomb Raider: Legend. Do Eidos Interactive seal their games? I got Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories from Sendit.com and that was in the seal.

30-09-06, 10:58
Are you not able to buy games from local gameshops rather than online? That would eliminate the problems you're having with rough deliveries.

30-09-06, 13:31
I would buy from local game shops but games are usually a lot cheaper online.