View Full Version : Eidos debuts new Reservoir Dogs screenshots

tlr online
30-09-06, 22:50
Eidos has released a spanking new collection of PC screenshots showcasing motion-picture action in Reservoir Dogs. Reservoir Dogs is based on the 1992 Quentin Tarantino-directed classic movie about five total strangers who are brought together to carry out a diamond heist.


01-10-06, 07:47
this game looks awesome :D i have to get it :D

01-10-06, 09:44
I've got it. It makes me interested with the movie but it was waaay back in 1992 so no stores around me have a copy of the movie:(
I really like Mr. Orange though. In the game he looks youthful but from the screenshot of the movie he looks like a middle age man:yik:

The songs are good and the scenes are very funny if you don't mind the mild language and a bit of violence much.