View Full Version : Where can i Pre Order a PS3?

01-10-06, 05:40
I am in Australia and i am going to try and order a PS3 from the USA.
Does anyone know where i can find a reliable site?

01-10-06, 14:32
None that I know of, maybe some smaller not so big game stores like Mom and Pop shops that are exclusive to your area, but other than that, I think you can't pre-order from places like Gamestop, EB, and an other stores that are accociated with them. I called them and not until october at the earliest. Now Best buy or Toys rus maybe I haven't called them. But sony told them not to take pre-orders until everything is finalized on the PLaystation 3's packaging and box. Plus they don't want an Xbox 360 thing to happen since only 400.000 units are coming here, just call them every day until you can and place your order if you really want it Launch day or you'll be wait till probably January or Feburary at the EArliest for one. Me I'll probably be waiting!

01-10-06, 21:59
Thanks for the tips, fingers crossed then!