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01-10-06, 08:06
Hi All

The title says it all really; I have been playing TR religiously for years have completed them all and still revisit them when Iím desperate for a fix. Love the difficulty and puzzles of the earlier classics but canít complain about any of them because they fuel my habit :)

I just wondered if anyone had found any other games past or present which can hold a torch to the TR series?


in these arms
01-10-06, 08:18
Welcome Rayne :wve:

The classical TR games are stunning, but a little to frustrating for me. On TRF all we do in talking about TR, not really chatting about anything else. Maybe asking down by the Games section, they will help more there, since this really isn't about TR1.

Maybe finding another game you like, but you havn't tried? This always helps me.

Try: eBay (www.ebay.co.uk) Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) Or my faveourite Play.com (www.play.com)

01-10-06, 08:46
Thanks wasn't sure if this was the right place for my post but hey ho you live and learn :cln: thanks for the advise Re: alternative sites.

Have a good un :D