View Full Version : Can anything compare to TR?

01-10-06, 08:48
Hi All

The title says it all really; I have been playing TR religiously for years have completed them all and still revisit them when Iím desperate for a fix. Love the difficulty and puzzles of the earlier classics but canít complain about any of them because they fuel my habit

I just wondered if anyone had found any other games past or present which can hold a torch to the TR series?


SpongeBob Lover
01-10-06, 08:49
welcome to the forums Rayne :wve:
silent hill the series :)

01-10-06, 09:01
Welcome Rayne :wve:

I will always love the tr games but their are so many other games that are just as good if not better...did I say that :whi: Too many to mention and it depends what you are looking for in a game.

01-10-06, 09:26
I've transferred the original topic you made from the TR1 section. This one can be closed.