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in these arms
01-10-06, 16:37
I'm Worried About My Hamster, Her Tail And Her Bottom Is So Raw, And There Is Some Blood Scattered Around Her Bedding :( :( :(

Is This Normal? (i Do Have A Dog, That Maybe The Case). Any Ideas? Any Others With This Experience? :(

01-10-06, 16:45
aww :hug:

look on this website.. maybe it can help?

in these arms
01-10-06, 16:48
I've found out that she has a disease called "Wet Tail" also it said she will die upto 48 hours :(:(:(:(:(

01-10-06, 16:48
Probably something you should take up with your vet :wve:

EDIT: is your vet open now? If not you should take the hamster in as soon as possible. I don't think there's much more you can do until then except keep her comfortable.

01-10-06, 16:51
My hamster died of wet tail :(

in these arms
01-10-06, 16:51
We are going tomorrow, shall I skip school??? ;) :p :(

I'll be sooo crying tomorrow if she dies when I wake up tomorrow. This is my first time experience, that my very own hamster has is dieing of a disease.

01-10-06, 16:53
i hope he/ she survives. i know what it's like to have an ill hamster and its upsetting. :hug:

in these arms
01-10-06, 17:19
I'm ok with pets dying naturally, but with diseases and illnesses I can't stand, it. It's my first time coping with an I'll pet.

01-10-06, 17:41
Yeah coping with their loss is the hardest part. Attachment's a sweet kind of sorrow.

I hope your hamster will be okay. Do let us know :wve:

01-10-06, 17:45
i remember when my hamster died :(
it wasnt good... and my friend blames me cos i dropped her in the cage :(
like id never done it before...

btw... i used to find bits of blood in her bedding... i put it down to periods.

in these arms
01-10-06, 17:49
We have changed her bedding, and kept other pets out of the room, and let her rest for the time being.

01-10-06, 19:41
I don't think she has wet tail - its symptoms are obvious pain and lots of pale diarrhoea, rather than blood and rawness - but I definitely advise you to get her to a vet soon as possible. Don't skip school to do so, but you should ask your parents if either of them can take her to the vet in the morning before they go to work. If they can't, get home fast after school and take her yourself, as most vets close at around 5PM or 6PM.

in these arms
01-10-06, 19:53
Gecko, would Diarrhoea invole some loss of blood? Some blood stains are surrounding its tail and bottom.

01-10-06, 19:54
I hope your hamster survives, if not R.I.P.

01-10-06, 19:55
Gecko, would Diarrhoea invole some loss of blood? Some blood stains are surrounding its tail and bottom.

have you ever had diarrhoea and bled ?

in these arms
01-10-06, 19:56
I'm not going on periods if thats what your thinking.

01-10-06, 20:13
have you ever had diarrhoea and bled ?

It can happen... I think.

Anyway I hope your hamster gets well soon, I wish I could be of some help but I never had any. Keep us updated.

01-10-06, 20:18
If your hamster has the 'Trots' I suggest keeping him/her well stocked up with water, kept nice and warm, plenty of food and TLC.:)

01-10-06, 20:32
Gecko, would Diarrhoea invole some loss of blood? Some blood stains are surrounding its tail and bottom.

Indeed it's not impossible, but diarrhoea on its own is basically very squishy semi-liquid poo without blood in it. The specific symptoms of wet tail don't include blood in the diarrhoea, so it's more likely your hamster's suffering from a different ailment.

02-10-06, 04:17
And for the record, all faecal matter has blood in it.

02-10-06, 04:57
gosh..I wish I'm a veterinarian. Go bring her to the vet as soon as possible.:(

02-10-06, 05:15
Aww, that is so sad. :hug:
I hope your hamster will be better soon..

in these arms
02-10-06, 06:39
We have high doubts...:(

She will be taken to the vet today, at 10:00am (UK Time).

in these arms
02-10-06, 14:24



02-10-06, 14:25
R.I.P to your hamster.

02-10-06, 16:47
aawww :hug: R.I.P to your hamster :( :(

02-10-06, 16:54
This is very sad :(

And yes, people who have IBS bleed when going to the toilets if it is bad enough :) I don't know if this could happen with hamsters too...

R.I.P :(

02-10-06, 17:05
Sorry to hear she didn't make it. :(

02-10-06, 17:49
Thats so sad :( Im sorry she didnt make it :(

I watched my hamster die in front of me, his sides swelled up really big, the day i was going to take him to the vets, he suffocated to death in front of me. I got later told that because his swelling got so big, it crushed all his internal organs.

I havnt forgiven myself for not doing something sooner :(

02-10-06, 17:54
I am sorry Lewis :( :hug: You did the kindest thing for her.

Andrea Lara
02-10-06, 21:44
I'm sorry to hear that :(