View Full Version : Tomorrow...

01-10-06, 16:46
... The Door Opens. :D

In the UK Evanescences new album is released.

Anyone gonna purchase it tomorrow?

I can't wait. :jmp:

01-10-06, 17:03
Nice one:D
I have the single on Vinyl...'call me when you're sober'...I can't play it like...have no vinyl player:D I just collect 'em!:D

01-10-06, 17:05
I want it. :( My mum would probably bin it and lock me up though. :pi:

01-10-06, 17:06
I want it. :( My mum would probably bin it and lock me up though. :pi:
How come?!

01-10-06, 17:11
How come?!

Not her sort of music. :p

01-10-06, 17:30
I know how you feel:(
My mum say's it's durge/funeral music, I have no problem if it does personally!:D

01-10-06, 17:39
I think its very poetic and unique music. :D

Ada the Mental
01-10-06, 20:05
Ahhhhh....In Greece I have to wait till Tuesday!:( I've heard the preview in Evanescence site,though.All that I'm living for ROCKS I can't wait to hear the whole of it! Just two days,two days...!

02-10-06, 01:45
I have to wait till weds to get it, I love Amy Lee's voice though. As for funeral/durge music, I've heard others say that too. It's BS if you ask me.

02-10-06, 05:38
They are great. I wish I could get one.

02-10-06, 13:31
Yeah I will definitely get it when it's released here. Although I've listened to most of the songs, and I think that their 'Fallen' album was better as a whole; but still there are several songs that I like from 'The Open Door', and the cover artwork is amazing.