View Full Version : A Walk To Remember (2002)

tlr online
01-10-06, 18:53
What a totally sweet movie! Watched this last night on DVD, and was pleasantly surprised, considering this is a prime-time, 100%, no-way-hozay chick flick.

Anyone feel the same?

01-10-06, 19:24
I really liked this movie, Had me in tears at the end... my friend heather would laugh at me because it made me cry more then her xD

01-10-06, 20:01
Sentimental, true feels, changes, somehow tragic and etc.. I liked it, except sometimes after seeing it.. it seemed a bit too sweet? (the negative after-effect) hm.. anyways M.Moore and S.West goes well together when acting :D ..even though a lot of people dislike this movie (Im sure coz they can't stand its sweet side XD)

01-10-06, 20:08
I love this movie for all the reasons Apofiss just mentioned :)

01-10-06, 20:31
Haven't seen it yet. Not my kinda movie, but wouldn't mind watch it just once.

01-10-06, 20:48
I watched this movie when I went out with this girl I used like in our local theater.
The movie was really good and had me to tears, although I felt extremely embarrassed to have cried with her lol.
She said it was really sweet though. :)

01-10-06, 22:11
Normally not my type of film but I didn't mind it. Thought it was pretty good. Give it 7/10 :tmb:

01-10-06, 22:13
Hey DREWY! A lovely film :)

02-10-06, 00:59
I loved this movie... though there was a part in the movie whree Shane West has a crying scene, and we all burst out laughing because his mouth twitches funny throughout the scene.

02-10-06, 01:13
I never saw it but now i think i might give it a shot next time i have to pick a chick flick up for a night with my gf.
Last movie i saw that was a Romance was "The illusionist" and wow i have to say that was really impressive for what i thought it would have been.