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02-10-06, 01:09
For anyone who hasn't taken a look at this tech demo footage for the upcomming game 'Heavy Rain' i strongly suggest you take a look!

I believe the game will be comming to PS3, XBOX360, and PC.

The video: Heavy Rain Tech Demo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0Kl6Rp_sdk)

Now tell me that doesnt look impressive! I just think the lip synching could use some work but that can easily be fixed over time.

02-10-06, 02:10
Yes i know, this game looks amazing!

02-10-06, 05:09
Haven't you posted this before? Anyway, looks awesome. Very realistic :tmb:

02-10-06, 05:20
this a completely new video, the old one was just a small chunk of this video with no sound. I dont know how this video got out or when, but i felt its my duty [as a fan :)] to share this awsome video!

Mad Tony
02-10-06, 06:28
Heavy Rain is gonna be awesome! :D
Thanks for sharing. :)

I just wonder how good the graphics will be for the PS4 and Xbox .... (or whatever it's gonna be called)

02-10-06, 13:10
is this part of a game or is it just a random demo (not from a game) they did to show off emotions?
its is amazing though hehe :D

02-10-06, 13:20
Should be cool. Do we know what it's about yet? Or are all the previews just based on that strange audition tape still?

02-10-06, 13:45
It looks rather impressive...so impressive I'm rather scared ,because,in the first 2 seconds,I really thought it was a person!

What audition are you talking about,Rivendell? Are you saying the audition featured in the video is based on a real one?

Perhaps it's only an impression of mine, but,in the very end,one of the men says she was awful,but the other answers she's good enough for what they're looking for.

Perhaps this will be about a snuff film?

02-10-06, 13:45
Holy graphics! :eek: X3 Thats just pure awesomeness! Although I'm asking myself the same question Rivendell just asked oO; Do we know what its about?

02-10-06, 14:14
Ok.. animation wasn't perfect, BUT!!! it was ****ing impressive! O.O I think the best full-body/fascial animation I have seen for a realtime in-game. (have seen just some screenshots before tho)

Thanks Spit! :tmb:

02-10-06, 14:24
The only time she seemed to look real was when she had more shading on here and the light contrasted more on her face. They did a nifty job on her eyes, usuaully these guys make them look pretty dead in the eyes. Other then that she looked like pixeled.

02-10-06, 14:37

What do they say at the end?

She is too old?

02-10-06, 14:41
Looks amazing

Best graphics so far IMO, but whats the gameactually about??

They say shes too tall for the part i think

02-10-06, 14:46
It looks great but I don't get how you play this game.. is it first person shooter? Are you an actor? Please tell me, it looks great!

02-10-06, 15:25
It is about deep betrayal. She is obviously perfect for the part, but for some reason she is not what they are looking for. They said she is too old, and she is only 24, so I guess someone younger, who is not such a good actress will get the part, and they will probably tell her she didnít get the part because she does not have any proper experience, and of course she will know this is not true. Perhaps the husband of the character is looking for a younger model as well. The character seems to have met her husband in the pouring rain, and said it was like a fairy tale meeting, until the reality of life sets in. They are looking for someone younger and prettier, and so is the husband. These film producers are behaving just like the husband.

Perhaps the girl in the audition is a vision of who she is yet to become. She seems to want to obliterate rather than negotiate. Perhaps there is a limit we all have, were we get to this stage, and the game will be all about how she gets to that point, because she seems very nice as in you or I or anyone, but now she has become a killer, because she does every thing right, and keeps being treated unfairly. A wolf in sheepís clothing if you will.

This clip is brilliant!

02-10-06, 15:30
Tell me about it! I would prefer to play as a female character though.. And i want it to be 3rd person not first.. if you have any info of those please inform me, this game is asking me to buy a PS3!

02-10-06, 15:32
Actor play demo was just for a technical reasons to show engine/etc powers lol.. it's nothing to do with the actual game, I think (except the story she told/played)

02-10-06, 15:42
Looks pretty good, and the idea is original IMO. Can't wait to see what kind of game it is, sure hope it's not a shooter.
Sure love the ending: "She's not gonna do it/ Her: goodbye love..." That's brill :D