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tlr online
03-10-06, 16:00
In my mailbox this morning :vlol:


I am so very sorry if I pried into your privacy but due to your honesty,I am convinced that you would be capable to provide me with a solution. I am Mr.Bell Chika of B&C Legal Consultancy Services, Dakar Senegal. I am writing on behalf of my late client Mrs. Mary Jacob,a successful businesswoman from your country that base in Dakar Senegal who died unfortunately with her family (Her Husband and two kids) in an air mishap in July 2000.

I am contacting you simply to assist in claiming her deposited assets valued at ?5,500,000.00 Euros before it gets confiscated by the Netherlands Bank. The Bank has written me as her consultant and issued a final notice to provide any of her relatives or have the assets channel to the Netherlands National Treasury as unclaimed fund within the next 5 working days.

Since there was no relatives or next of kin left in our record, I seek your consent to present you as her only surviving relative, so that this funds can be paid to you. Therefore, on receipt of your expression of interest (EOI),I have agreed that you will inherit 45% of this fund for your help and sincerity,45% for me while 10% for the refunds of processing expenses and to pay tax in your country(if any) upon successful confirmation of this funds in your bank account. Thereafter, all the related legal documents will be destroyed and we part ways.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating her relatives,my aim now is to usher you in legally as her relative since you are of the same nationality so that the fruit of her labour will not be in vain. All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.Please urgently reply if you can handle it.

Best Regards,
Mr.Bell Chika
B&C Legal Consultancy Services,Dakar Senegal.

03-10-06, 16:02
LMAO justin , you're a VIP ! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

03-10-06, 16:03
I've had one of those once. :vlol:

03-10-06, 16:04

I've gotten this before, with different names. its amazing how sad these poeple can be, but spam can offer so many laughs

03-10-06, 16:12
I must have had about 30 of them. They're funny yes, but the people behind these scams are still basically thugs and the people who fall for their scams by replying put themselves at risk of something very very bad happening to them, and that doesn't just involve loss of money. Don't reply to them, even in jest.

Mona Sax
03-10-06, 16:12
I hope you report Mr. "Bell Chika" to the police, along with his IP. This is one of the (in)famous "Nigeria Connection" scams.

03-10-06, 16:13
I've won the Dutch National Lottery 3 times.

03-10-06, 16:19
This is just sad. Thank god, I've never gotten any of these kind of spams :vlol:

Mad Tony
03-10-06, 16:27
These people are so dumb.

03-10-06, 16:32
Woow lol! XD Thats some funny stuff! :D

03-10-06, 16:37
I won 2 Green cards so far, even though I actually have one.

03-10-06, 16:43
LOL, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gotten this thing too!

03-10-06, 16:44
I got one of those spammers to apologise to me, before. :vlol:

03-10-06, 16:49
I have had loads in various stages of grovelling, and hey I have won the Dutch lottery too! It's amazing what you can win..........and as for my various bank accounts that have had their security breached and please could I send my details.........:rolleyes:

03-10-06, 16:55
sorry i edited my message

03-10-06, 16:56
Wrong thread. ;)

Have any of you guys heard about that person who conned the conners out of $50 (I think it was)? I really want to try doing that. :D

03-10-06, 17:16
LMAO :vlol:
Mr. Chika?? Pu ha ha ha (doesn't chika means girl/chick) :vlol:

03-10-06, 17:24
I never receive something like that ,only the same old spam asking me if I want to take a degree by an unexistent university or trying to sell me sex - toys catalogues! http://www.freesmileys.org/emo/sad011.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)!

03-10-06, 17:39
This stuff gets pushed through our letterbox (both the real and the virtual) far too often :hea: Will they ever get the message? :rolleyes:

You have to laugh at these guys :vlol:

03-10-06, 18:00
It seems Mr.Chika uses another name :D :

Best Regards,
Mr.Dave Lucas
B&C Legal Consultancy Services,Dakar Senegal.

Legend of Lara
03-10-06, 19:04
:vlol: I've never gotten any of these. I always frequently get e-mails that are offering uzis! :eek:

Ward Dragon
03-10-06, 19:54
The sad thing is that my grandfather would probably reply to get the money:rolleyes:

03-10-06, 20:48
Well, I've received one of those spams before. It was funny at first, but then it got a little annoying after they kept sending emails of the sort.

03-10-06, 23:16
ive had a few of these in my time.There is a good website where people actually scam the scammers!!! :D some great reads on the link below


03-10-06, 23:27
Cool, tlr's rich! Of course that is as soon as you hand over all your account details, and they do a trial withdrawl to make sure all is ok. Then of course all this money will flow into your account. http://bestsmileys.com/anxious/1.gif Right!
Did you know the word gullable has been taken out of all the dictionaries. True, have a look!

04-10-06, 00:34
I've never seen one of those... Mr. Bell Chika, what the hell? :vlol: :vlol:

04-10-06, 21:12
Lol! My Dad got a similar e-mail like that! You would like it to be real, but you just know it's too good to be true. :rolleyes: :p

04-10-06, 21:21

04-10-06, 22:33
This was spread in my country as well, until one decieved old man murdered the one responsible for this.

04-10-06, 22:45
Fortunately,there are other ways of dealing with spam.