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in these arms
03-10-06, 18:54
Watching it?

Legend of Lara
03-10-06, 19:06
I don't know what that is. Can you fill me in here?

in these arms
03-10-06, 19:07
It's on BBC 2. It's on now actually.

Legend of Lara
03-10-06, 19:10
It's on BBC 2. It's on now actually.


Well, I don't have BBC 2 so I guess I'll have to pass. :(

03-10-06, 19:14
I don't have that channel either...:(

03-10-06, 19:18
I'm watching it right now, its a nice programme :)

03-10-06, 19:19
I also have no idea what that is.

03-10-06, 19:27
This thread could be pretty valid if we actually used this as an autumn watch thread? we could all chat about how the seasons are changes and our observances of nature. Isn't that what the programme encourages? I'm gonna get active with it this weekend until then I won't have much time for observance lol (maybe I'll post a few photos this weekend :))

in these arms
03-10-06, 19:39
I'm dying to see how that baby seal is getting on :hug: