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Lonely Istari
05-10-06, 03:17
Has anyone ever read the book "December 6" by Martin Cruz Smith? I am supposed to chose a book for my anthropology class to do a report on. It looks like a pretty good story, but I was wondering if anyone had read it and if so... did you like it? :D

05-10-06, 04:32
Sorry LI never heard of it let alone read it. :confused: Pity it wasn't December 4, That would have been my birthday! I would have read it then. :D

05-10-06, 04:45
If the title is December 8, maybe I'll take a look at it because it's my birthday:D

05-10-06, 04:48
See, two days either way would have made a big difference. :D

05-10-06, 10:03
December 6
WOW, I didn't know that the day of my birth would be so historical :eek: :D :p

Never heard of the book, though :confused: I'd better check it out quickly :D

05-10-06, 17:11

There's just a new Finnish book out on this, with almost the same name. I don't know exactly what it's about, but as that's the Finnish Independence Day, I guess it's something about trying to destroy the country. Based on the cover.

Lonely Istari
06-10-06, 02:13
haha, thanks anyway guys :) Well the book I am going to read is about the day before the Pearl Harbor Raid. This American guy lives in Japan with his missionary family and is torn between the two cultures... It sounds pretty interesting ;)