View Full Version : Photoshop question, please help =[

05-10-06, 14:42
This has been bugging me soo much!! ><; I'm working on this tutorial http://www.idigitalemotion.com/tutorials/guest/old_looking_images/oldlookingimages.html
And I did everything right till I got to step 4...Merging? What? XD I checked the layer section and clicked on Merge Down but that didnt help oO; I'm confuzzled...Please help X)

05-10-06, 14:45
Could this help ?

Go to layers at the top next to file, edit etc etc and go to merge layers :)

05-10-06, 14:47
Click on the layer and press 'Ctrl' and 'E'

Then the layer below that should merge with the one above

05-10-06, 14:51
Ah I get it now :D Thanks everyone! :wve:

05-10-06, 14:55
Its ok, good luck with the rest of it

05-10-06, 15:20
I tried the tutorial but got stuck when it said stuff about curving etc :S :p

05-10-06, 15:23
I love that curve thing, I randomly clikc anywhere and hope for the best

05-10-06, 15:24
I don't know how to get the red hair through.. lol

05-10-06, 15:46
I tried the tutorial but got stuck when it said stuff about curving etc :S :p

Trial and error. That's my favorite method. I've found those tutorials abit useless.

05-10-06, 15:58
I think the best bet for good tutorials are deviant, where they are generally in deapth and you can ask questions and they reply with any help needed

05-10-06, 15:59
I dont have this Porgramme and i wouldent even know what to do if i had it.

How do you guys do these Cool Arts or make your own Game Boxes or DVD Covers or rearrange Lara in the most embarresing way or put 6 diffrent Laras side by side.

05-10-06, 16:05
I would use the magnetic lasso tool, so you can cut round something and copy and paste it.