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Lone Raider
06-10-06, 13:26
...ISP let me down with VOIP... mobile phone broke... phone plug fell out the wall and snapped... offline for more than a week now... my ex visiting and being as usual a right pain in the ... money didn't come this month... kitten has a serious cut on the foot and might need surgery...mum's moving house next week...
and my Dad has'nt woken up any more. He will be taken to a hospice next monday.

:hea: :hea: :hea:

just catching up here from my friend's PC but I've no time to hang around, miss you all and looking forward to being online again, I really need to take my mind of things.

06-10-06, 13:30
sorry to hear about it, yer I think taking sometime off and relaxing seems to be a good idea :tmb:

06-10-06, 13:33
Sorry to hear about that.

da tomb raider!
06-10-06, 13:55
I'm truely sorry to hear that. Just stay strong. :)

06-10-06, 15:28
Eigentlich kann es ja nur noch besser werden..................nicht den Mut verlieren! :hug: