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06-10-06, 19:01
If anyone is interested, the trailer for the movie version of Frank Miller's 300 is up.

300 was Frank Miller's interpretation in graphic novel form of the second Persian Invasion of Greece, more specifically the battle of Thermopylae.


06-10-06, 19:04
Ah, it doesn't look so great to me. Thanks for the link! :wve:

06-10-06, 19:56
It does look impressive @.@

Moving to GenChat...

06-10-06, 21:10
:eek: at first I thought that was a game cause it looked like cg graphics..

looks really good! thanks for sharing!

06-10-06, 21:16
oh my, another frank miller movie
*Puts on Must See comming attractions!*

06-10-06, 21:39
OOOOH my brother will be very anxious to see it, I also :D
thank you for post it :)

06-10-06, 22:02
I love the line "Our arrows will blot out the sun!" "Then we will fight in the shade"

It's a historically documented line, too. That's what he said back then, and it's the single best retort he could have possibly made.

06-10-06, 22:27
I think this movie will be great, but being a Frank Miller based movie, it will most likely be rated 18 (or the equivalent), which is irksome for me because I will only be 17 at the time of it's release.:(

06-10-06, 22:29
I hope they won't :cen: up history this time (like Troy for instance)

06-10-06, 23:00
I hope they won't :cen: up history this time (like Troy for instance)

This is based on Miller's graphic novel which was relatively accurate, but obviously different to make it far more entertaining. I hope they don't deviate much from the graphic novel.

And yes, Troy was a catastrophic failure but if you think about Troy, there is no real factual accounts, it's all myths surrounding the Trojan war anyway.

06-10-06, 23:41
Ah, it doesn't look so great to me.


this looks great. nice and sureal :tmb: looking foreward to it :jmp:

07-10-06, 11:00
Ah, it doesn't look so great to me.


Each to his/her own I suppose.