View Full Version : Is The open Door better than Fallen?

07-10-06, 16:35
Since there seem to be quite a number of Evanescence-Fans around here, I wanted to ask, what you think of their new album - "The Open Door". I boutght it 2 days ago, and I still can't make my mind about it - it's certainly different to fallen, but I haven't decided yet, if this is good or bad - so what do you think? Which one was better?

07-10-06, 16:37
I think it is better in some respects, but not all - it's certainly more artistic and experimental, and Ev try to break the mould a bit. Fallen was more consistently good, but was formulaic and samey as a result. :)

07-10-06, 16:41
I'm not a fan but I thought Fallen was rather Repetitive. seemed like a template they used to create new stuff out of.

As Ampersand pointed out, Open Door, is different and more experimental :wve:.

07-10-06, 16:44
It's a matter of personal taste, basically. Personally, I liked Fallen better as a whole. When I bought Fallen, I would listen to it from beginning to end without skipping any track. The Open Door contains some very good songs (Call me when..., Snow White Queen, Weight of the World) and some beautiful songs (Lithium, Your Star, The Only One, Lacrymosa), but in it's entirety, I think it's not as good as Fallen (which was almost entirely full of powerful songs).

07-10-06, 16:45
Experimental ... yes, I think, this is the word I was looking for ;)
But I think, the "experiment" succeeded..
There are certain songs, which are quite hard to adapt to, but there are others, which I can't just put out of my head (=Lithium ;) )

07-10-06, 16:49
Nah, The Open Door was too Gothrock for me XD
Fallen is better.

07-10-06, 16:50
Nah, The Open Door was too Gothrock for me XD
Fallen is better.

LOL, Fallen was too goth-pop for me. XD

07-10-06, 16:51
I think Fallen was better, but Open Door is interesting and growing on me.

I love Lacrymosa, as I knew I would!

Mozart rules...

07-10-06, 16:53
LOL, Fallen was too goth-pop for me. XD


07-10-06, 17:17
Hmmm both albums are amazing... I can't choose one over the other

Lara's Boy
07-10-06, 17:26
I love them both equally, though there are more songs on Open Door that I don't care entirely for....and I wish that she demonstrated her voice even more powerfully, that's what I liked about Fallen. All in all though, I like the direction they took with Open Door, it was pretty nice.

07-10-06, 18:37
I think the Open Door is much better.

If Ben Moody hadn't been there.. this would have been Fallens sound imo. I think its so much more darker and just more emotional. they have definitly experimented.. Its original. Its different. I love it. :)

Ada the Mental
07-10-06, 21:19
Just heard it. I can't make up my mind either. Fallen was The Record for me because before I didn't care about music at all. No I've turned into a metalhead/rocker/goth which means I owe this album a lot,even though I've now heard a lot better stuff, and don't listen to it too often,anymore.

The Open Door is experimental,fresh and thankfully less pop.It's a bit less dynamic than Fallen (there's no song that reminds me of Going Under).But I still love that their music evolved.

I can't decide which I like better.In Fallen I loved all the songs(I thought I didn't like Hello,but I got used to it.
In The Open Door,on the other hand there's a song I HATE: Good Enough. It's awful. Doesn't sound like Evanescence at all. And it's the last song so it leaves a sour taste.

I'm also disappointed with the choice of Call Me When You're Sober as the first single. It's not even characteristic of the album's sound. I like it yet there are some parts that ruin it,like the intro and the part that goes "You never call me...-...it's over"

I love All That I'm Living For! If the verses were as powerful as the chorus it'd be even better.

Camera Obscura
07-10-06, 21:22
I love both of them, they're just so different. Both of them really have their good and bad points so it's really hard to say which is best. :D

07-10-06, 21:24
Fallen is alot better :)
Im not keen on TOD :p

07-10-06, 21:36
She definitly had some singing lessons but the album is a bit weak IMO. It feels like a compilation of nice songs with no coherence what so ever. I was expecting an actual album, not a "best of" kind of thing. I still think their first stuff was way better (her voice sounds like it lacks emotion now) so to me, they're going down the MTV path. They're trying too hard to please everyone.

Meh, I'll just get back to listening other stuff.

07-10-06, 21:53
Imo, open door has some better songs, but some are quite bad, while fallen is great from beginning to the end.
Origin is my personal favourite, though. :)

Ada the Mental
07-10-06, 21:59
Oh,yeah Origin rocks too. Right now,I can't get Lies out of my head(and I haven't heard it for ages)! Is Ben Moody singing on it? It's brilliant!

07-10-06, 22:01
I like Fallen more. I feel that their style changed a lot with The Open Door and not necessarily for the better, IMO.

Mikel Croft
08-10-06, 02:52
the open door is garbage :)

08-10-06, 04:00
Seriously, now I'm addicted to this CD.

Its a surprise because it sounds nothing like Fallen's style, so I understand how a lot of the fans would think it scrap because they were expecting the same style. Not something completely new. Thats the danger with being creative in this world nowadays. People have a hard time with things different.

Then again, I am a freaky weird person and I have the tendency to like things most people hate. XD

08-10-06, 08:25
Origin is my personal favourite, though. :)
Yeah, Origin has some REALLY great songs. But since I got it the same time I got fallen, I'm never quite sure, which song belongs to which album ;)

Jake Croft
08-10-06, 08:38
I like it... ALOT
Just bought it from Tesco £7.95 its amazing...

star girl
08-10-06, 10:55
I haven't bought TOD as yet, but I have an older album "Not FOr Your Ears."

I think that was seriously experimenting, and amy somehow sounded like a little girl in everybody's fool! I believe it was all pop/electronic, even bring me to life had no sense of death or sadness to it (paul mccoy wasn't featured). And missing... it looked like amy was drunk when she sang the song. I downloaded Call me WHen youre Sober, and the song itself isn't that bad. THe verses are awesome (apart from the "call me when youre sober" part, and especially the part that comes after it "How could I burn paradise") and the chorus was a little bit too lovey-dovey type. I have high hopes for the open door, and even if it isn't good, I'll accept it since this is the first time amy is making an album without ben moody.

08-10-06, 14:28
I really liked Fallen, haven't heard The Open Door yet.