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07-10-06, 16:36
...yes...I do it. I sing, I dance and I act, but after many years of singing, dancing and acting in my bedroom I am ready for the next level. I want to on stage dance, sing or act, or even futher.

The thing is I don't know what to do to get noticed, or where to join like a drama school, if this is a good idea, please reccomend some good ones in North East of England.

Thank You.

07-10-06, 16:47
Also does anyone else sing, dance or act?

Edit: Oh sorry I didn't edit that :-(

07-10-06, 16:54
I dance, sing and act in my bedroom all the time. :whi:

07-10-06, 16:59
I dance, sing and act in my bedroom all the time. :whi:

Really....Last week you said you swam, lifted weights and do gym in your bedroom

07-10-06, 17:00
Can't sing, but tries.

Can't dance, but tries.

Can't act, but pretends to.

07-10-06, 17:05
I know if your good joining acting clubs, school or outside clubs, is always a good thing. For singing, ask people around and tell them not to be afraid telling you if you really have talent. If anything get a singing coach. Dancing, join any sort of club, salsa, dance, or take a class of dance during the year. Those are just some ideas.

Lara's Boy
07-10-06, 17:05
The best thing to do is just see if there is a community theatre around. They usually put on four shows a season, and you just have to go through an audition process to become part of the "company". Once you're part of the company, you will probs audition for specific roles. It isn't that hard, and if you think your good, you should really try it. Acting on stage is one of the most fun things I have ever done, so you will enjoy it :wve:

07-10-06, 17:07
i sing dance and act, the best way to get started is to join an amature dramatics society, you can search for them on google, or if you tell lme what area roughly you live in i can check the andram directory and try and find you a society.

Another way is to get yourself an acting agent or a musical theatre agent, although this can be HUGELY expensive.

if you mean drama school as in to get a propper qualification there are tons of good ones, but they also can work out expensive and are extreemly dificult to get in to ( 3 or more auditions pluss lots of qualifications to get in)

07-10-06, 17:08
Can't sing, but tries.

Can't dance, but tries.

Can't act, but pretends to.

Lool - same here :)

Exept, maybe I'm gonna join our local "theatre group" next spring - they do comedy plays most of the time, and they are hilarious :)

Oh, I nearly forget, when I was at school, a few colleagues of mine and I did a fan-episode of a tv-show. But unfortunately the school was over before we finished it - and now we have lost contact, but it was fun (and would have been hilarious, btw. )

07-10-06, 18:40
I sing a little bit and alot at home:whi:
I want 2 learn how 2 dance SO badly:jmp:
I used to act when I was little and wish to continue it but can't:(

da tomb raider!
07-10-06, 18:42
I can act, dance, AND sing... erm... all in The Sims...