View Full Version : Ig-Noble winners

09-10-06, 17:25
We all know about the Noble prize; awarding great achievments in science, mathematics, art etc.....


So for something a bit more interesting, have a glance at the subject matter for this year's Ig-Noble winners - the fun alternative to the rather more sombre Noble prize :D


Does anyone know where I can get some of this teen repellent? :mis: :whi:

09-10-06, 17:34
I think this is a brilliant idea, weird and wacky, lol at the cure for hiccups,

I'll put up with it thank you ,

But i think this is a great idea, loads of usefall stuff can be discovered, like the eyes closed in a group photograph and the fingers on a blackboard

09-10-06, 17:45
I LOVE the ignoble awards - been following them for a few years now ;). My favourite one has to be about the friction of sheep upon different surfaces. Now *that* is science I can relate to... :D