View Full Version : MP3 Request Thread

09-10-06, 20:35
So I was sitting here thinking about all the music I'd love to have but still cannot find... and then it donned on me that other people probably have it. So here it is, the MP3 request forum. Happy requesting! :D

09-10-06, 20:36
I don't think filesharing is something you should making a thread about.

09-10-06, 20:38
I'm not here to rain on your parade, but I don't think it would be a great idea to get MP3's for people, because its illegal as far as I know.

I'm only saying, im not aganist it exactly.. Just meantioning that..

09-10-06, 20:39
I think its a good idea for us to try and make mix tracks or upload live performances for each other ? :)

09-10-06, 20:39
I thought downloading off the internet was illigal... but sharing between friends? Then how is burning CD's not illigal, too? Well, if I'm out of line... close it.

09-10-06, 20:43
to put it simple :

burning CD's is legal, because you BUY them off iTunes etc :)
but sharing is illegal because it creates more than one copy of a song, that has only been paid for once ;)

09-10-06, 20:47
Sorry, but sharing copyrighted music is illegal. You can copy it for your own personal use, but you can't give it to even your best friend or your brother without breaking copyright law. So, thread closed.