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09-10-06, 21:31
Snooker star Paul Hunter has passed away today aged only 27. He leaves a wife and a daughter.

For those of you not in the loop, Paul was a famous English snooker player who was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago. His death will cause a lot of sadness tomorow among sports fans on this island.

R.I.P. mate

09-10-06, 21:32
RIP Paul

Doesnt surprise me though, these things come in 3's, Paul Hunter, Steve Irwin...

09-10-06, 21:34

09-10-06, 21:49
Well,once I've never heard of Paul Hunter before,I cannot say his death affects me,but I know how much you strongly aprecciate snooker and how this is a sad moment for you,Scottlee.

He was very young,obviously with great opportunities ahead,but,in spite of his young age,he had the chance of doing what he liked and being recognized for that,which I think is one great achievement.

Paul H
09-10-06, 22:09
This is the first I have heard about this, and I am in shock.

Paul Hunter was, unquestionably, one of the world's very best players and one of the most exciting to watch. He was brilliant!

I knew about his cancer but I thought he was on the road to recovery.

I really feel for his wife and family, and for his close friend and fellow player, Matthew Stevens, who must be devastated.

RIP Paul.

10-10-06, 07:09
OMG, i'm so shocked and saddened by his death. He was a fantastic snooker player and had his whole life ahead of him,he was so brave to carry on playing the game even though he new he had this terrible illness, it just doesnt make any sense. My heart goes out to his young family.
R.I.P Paul.

tlr online
10-10-06, 09:22
Not good. Hope he's finding his way up there. :(