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Paul H
09-10-06, 23:50
A $1.65 billion deal.


09-10-06, 23:56

10-10-06, 00:21

my thoughts exactly ....wow

10-10-06, 00:25
at least it will still be called youtube. thats a lot of $$$:cln:

10-10-06, 00:47
I knew this would happen sooner or later. That's a lot of money! :eek:

10-10-06, 01:25
Woooow thats alot of money

Hmm... Will they leave it as it is? Or will they create a new site, erase all the videos currently uploaded and make us re-register... I really hope they leave it... i would hate to have to upload all my videos all over again :(

10-10-06, 02:53
Woow, so much money for a website! :eek: ... I didn't even know Google was that rich http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif xD

10-10-06, 02:58
A bigger Corp buys another big one for millions, what else is new :p

10-10-06, 03:01
nothing to dramatizing. but i am worried. google is very strict about what videos can be posted or not.

10-10-06, 06:38
google is very strict about what videos can be posted or not.

Yep, bye bye anything controversial :(

SpongeBob Lover
10-10-06, 06:41
holly shiznet :eek: thats alot of money :yik: im with you there Rivendell :(

10-10-06, 07:35
Damn why didn't I come up with YouTube? :vlol:

Hope this is not gonna change things too much, though...

Ada the Mental
10-10-06, 08:41
nothing to dramatizing. but i am worried. google is very strict about what videos can be posted or not.

So am I!
And yeah,I hope we won't have to re-register.

10-10-06, 09:42
So... Now YouTube videos and users just become the part of GoogleVideo or will it still remain a separate site? :)

10-10-06, 15:23
nothing to dramatizing. but i am worried. google is very strict about what videos can be posted or not.

Hate to say it, but I think all the TR stuff will be pulled. I don't like it at ALL.

Zelda master
10-10-06, 15:28
i swear if the remove my movies there dead:mad:

10-10-06, 15:35
I cant see anything changing, because I doubt everyone will want to rejoin and upload everything. Thats my theory, hope its true

10-10-06, 15:36
excuse me.. WHAT!? :eek:

I hope they dont touch the videos or delete that site and make us re register in another site.. :( or be too strict about the videos or there goes my hobby..

10-10-06, 15:50

Before the deal was announced, some analysts expressed concerns about the litigation risks involved with YouTube since some videos posted on the site infringe on copyrighted material owned by major traditional media firms.

To that end, YouTube truly became a part of the pop culture lexicon earlier this year after people started posting pirated versions of "Lazy Sunday," a skit on NBC's sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" on the site. NBC eventually forced YouTube to take down links to this clip.

But Chad Hurley, co-founder and CEO of YouTube, said the Google deal will allow YouTube to focus even more on copyright protection since Google has more financial and technological resources to dedicate to the issue.

10-10-06, 16:12
I'll be ****ed off if they delete any of my videos because some of them I have no longer on my computer !!

10-10-06, 16:32
I saw something about this last night, on the news. I doubt they will do anything to anyones videos or anything.

10-10-06, 16:37
I dunno, Google is pretty strict...

10-10-06, 17:04
I think this is unbeliveable, what a buy by Google. I hope most of my videos remain.

10-10-06, 17:08
Don't we all.

10-10-06, 17:15
Huge amount of money, for a site i only knew existed at the start of this year :vlol:

10-10-06, 18:32
True, if they remove any of my TR vids... :cen:

10-10-06, 18:34
thats a lot of money!:cln:

10-10-06, 19:55
I say we as youtubers should stand together and Re-create youtube! name it WeTube :jmp: :D

10-10-06, 20:01
Maybe we should petition Google to relax their strictness a tad.

11-10-06, 00:12
i upload a lto of episodes. but they are unlicenced.... don't knwo what they might do.

11-10-06, 00:14
Since Google owns YouTube now, they should make the YouTube front site look simular Google's... Simple and Clean.

11-10-06, 17:58
It was just a matter of time.