View Full Version : Err......a problem i don't understand

young Lara Croft
10-10-06, 10:30
i've just downloaded TRLA demo from tombraiderchronicles.com and it dosn't work. why??? how can i get to play it without errors . pls help me!!!!!:(

10-10-06, 13:54
Do this: right-click on the downloaded
tr3_gold_tr_tlademo.exe, select Properties, and hit the unblock button.
Then doubleclick the tr3_gold_tr_tlademo.exe to install it.
Then navigate: Start > All Programs > Core Design > Tomb Raider - The Lost Artifact demo > Setup, right-click on it, select Properties > Compatibility tab > select Windows 98/ME compatibility, OK.
Then, in Setup select your desired resolution.
Then run that demo. :tmb:

young Lara Croft
11-10-06, 17:54
thank you Joseph!!! it worked !:D

11-10-06, 18:51
Of course it worked! Enjoy the demo. :)