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10-10-06, 20:46
Hi everyone,I just want to know what kind of music do you guys listen to or what are your favourite bands
mine are:
-when i'm happy : beyoncé,christina aguilera mainly and some other hip hop or r'n'b songs,various artists
-when i'm sad: evanescence,linking park,christina aguilera,my chemical romance,keane,muse,a perfect circle,nekromantix
wot bout u?

10-10-06, 20:47
I listen to EVERYTHING. Serious, I have some really dirt quality songs in my playlist alongside the best songs you can get.


10-10-06, 20:48
Yer same as Laura, Everything that I like, hence I have the odd song form a band and artist and not whole albums

10-10-06, 20:49
Hmm i listen to a bit... but most of the time my itunes will be playing either t.A.T.u. or Pussycat Dolls. I really like Euro-dance, Pop/Rock, J-pop etc. all music you can dance to hehe :D

10-10-06, 20:50
I listen to EVERYTHING. Serious, I have some really dirt quality songs in my playlist alongside the best songs you can get.

Yes just like me,but the artists i posted are the artists that I listen to ALL their songs!:D

Mona Sax
10-10-06, 20:51
Stuff I listen to: Rock, punk, metal, movie scores, some older pop.
Stuff I don't listen to: R&B, rap, contemporary pop, most classical.

10-10-06, 20:52
Industrial metal, vocal techno, some pop, and some hip-hop. :)

10-10-06, 20:52
Any mood: Björk.
Cheerful mood: Surferosa, Briskeby.
Sad: Sigur Rós, Satyricon. (I found that agressive black metal helps combat sadness)

10-10-06, 20:54
Mostly death and black metal, preferrably symphonic or melodic. Also other genres of metal.

My favorites bands are Insomnium and Dimmu Borgir, but I also listen to so many other bands I can't be bothered to make a list here :p

10-10-06, 20:54
Metal and Pop. :)

10-10-06, 21:01
All sorts, but mainly rock. :)

10-10-06, 21:02
I listen everything. I don't really care if it's a hard rock or an opera..O.o

10-10-06, 21:02
Party mood: Electro/psychedelic/trance, Dance/club, Rock :jmp: :yah:
Normally: Electronic, Pop rock, Dance, Metal, OST ( usually almost everything )
When feeling down: Sad pop, rock songs ( why not just go to the bottom and then up.. youl feel alot better :p )

Music I hate: R&B ( there are some good ones though ), pussycat dolls, rap

10-10-06, 21:04
Am I the only one who listens to the same genre of music no matter what mood I'm in?

Paul H
10-10-06, 21:11
Today I listened mostly to Steve Vai. Tomorrow, probably something else.

10-10-06, 21:18
Am I the only one who listens to the same genre of music no matter what mood I'm in?
maybe.. most of the stuff dont just appeal to me when im feeling annoyed or sad.. especially candy pop is terrible when your frustrated.. :p

10-10-06, 21:28
Am I the only one who listens to the same genre of music no matter what mood I'm in?

Nope. :D

Listening to Enya when you're angry does wonders.

10-10-06, 21:30

10-10-06, 21:58
Pop Rock and Pop Punk, though I do have some nice Pop records...

The genres I hate have to be hip-hop, rap and r&b.


Ada the Mental
10-10-06, 22:07
Metal and rock. Not any particular genre. From Classic rock to black metal to goth rock to punk!

10-10-06, 22:09
Am I the only one who listens to the same genre of music no matter what mood I'm in?
I listened to only metal and gothic music in my early teens then grew to other genres since I knew it wasn't healthy listening to those genres only. :p

SpongeBob Lover
10-10-06, 22:10
hard rock
heavy metal
also some punk

11-10-06, 10:20
Up until about 5 years ago it was mainly guitar based rock stuff for example Black Sabbath or Queen. These days I tend to listen more to classical music by which I mean music from medieval times up to the 19th century. I was initially a bit put off by the stuffy image that a lot of classical has, but I soon discovered a huge amount of music that I liked , a lot by composers I’d never even heard of before. Mozart and Brahms currently mostly leave me cold though. I still listen to some rock, although preferably if it's unpretentious down to earth like Motorhead. Thin Lizzy are currently high on my playlist. I'm also listening to some ambient electronic music like early Tangerine Dream. Spacey, man….

11-10-06, 10:58
I like most music from metal to opera with the exception of country, most rap and some pop.

Lux veritata
11-10-06, 11:27
Hard metal
hip hop/rap
classic(just a little actually)

star girl
11-10-06, 13:45
I really like to listen to Gothic rock, Hard rock, a tiny bit of classic mixed in... It's mainly rock. Evanescence is what I listen to ALL THE TIME, but among my other favourites are Green Day and Red Hot Chilli Peppers too.

11-10-06, 14:10
and wot bout classical music ...
I like to listen to classical music espesially movies music and games music,I mean osts,my favourites are the silent hill osts by akira yamaoka,harry potter ost by john williams and the naruto anime osts by toshiro masuda but I listen to many other movies osts like the 1st tomb raider movie ost it's really awesome and makes me wanna dance esach time i listen to it
obviously I love ALL the tomb raider games osts
and believe me try to listen to this kind of music when you're about to sleep,it really helps you to sleep
I used to listen to the harry potter audio books also,and it made the same result!:D

11-10-06, 14:20
Almost all genres except psychedelic rock, Metal and Luimp Bizkit :rolleyes:


Although I'm particularly fond of Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Classical


star girl
11-10-06, 14:21
I love the main theme of TRAOD... it is so bittersweet, I wanna cry and laugh at the same time... WELL DONE LONDON ORCHESTRA!!! :tmb:

11-10-06, 14:50
I listen to Metal - pretty much any kind of metal but mostly Death metal (Slayer) and Thrash metal (Kreator). I also listen to Punk...and sometimes rock..

11-10-06, 14:54
Anything that's hip...no that doesn't mean Neutral Milk Hotel or Staind I'm afraid.

Jake Croft
11-10-06, 14:57
When im happy:- Evanescence, Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, Paramore etc
When im unhappy:- From first to last, underoath, hawthorne heights

11-10-06, 16:00
Some Rock

Mad Tony
11-10-06, 16:01
Stuff like Coldplay, U2 etc.
Alternative I think it's called. :p