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10-10-06, 23:34
ive been using those xp patches to play TR1 and gold on my comp,and although i can get TR to play fine on glidos with no silly logo rotating everywhere, i'm having no such luck with TR gold, i tried to play gold on dg voodoo as well but i have mega problems with graphics as u cant actually see lara in game, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my problem, that logo is damn annoying lol, thanx alot :D

10-10-06, 23:51
Yes. Buy Glidos. (http://www.glidos.net/purchase.html?lang=en) It costs $10,- Then the logo will disappear.

11-10-06, 00:00
So, the alternative is to install with DgVoodoo. Its graphics enhancing function works just as good as Glidos, and as bonus you can fine-tune it better.

Your problem of Lara invisible is that you had under W-Buffering: Enable. That should be Emulate.

Before installing TR1, first install VDMSound 2.10 and reboot the PC.
When you launch the Advanced Installer, for TR1 you select "Tomb Raider Original". Yes to DgVoodoo. Yes to let Installer configure soundcard. Make selections for your graphic card if you have an ATI. Yes to shortcuts on desktop. At finish: yes to configure dgvoodoo.setup after exiting Installer. Then configure your settings.

After that, you can install Unfinished Business. Use only the downloaded version! First install that. Then launch the Advanced Installer, this time select "Tomb Raider Gold". Follow the same steps as above.

12-10-06, 00:39
thanx alot i'll try that :)

12-10-06, 00:56
Details in our TR1 FAQ (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html). :)

13-10-06, 00:34
thanx joseph, once again u fixed my problem.