View Full Version : Tr2 Gold Level 3!!!!

12-10-06, 00:45
i digged out my old game and started to play again. only when i get to end of the second level and the statistic screen, level 3 wont load, it crashes back to the desktop with this error message:

"FATAL: level 3 (E:\data\level3TR2)requires a new tomb2 exe (version 1401145) to run"

does anyone know what the devil this means and how i can fix it? ive tried several times and it still does it as well when i level skip, thanx alot :)

12-10-06, 00:53
Make sure you have the TR2 CD in the player with the lowest drive letter (if you have more than one player: "D" is lower than "E"). So, put it in your first player.

Start > All Programs > Core Design > Tomb Raider 2 > Setup. rightclick on it > Properties > Compatibility tab > select Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.

You must ALWAYS quit the autorun of the CD, and ALWAYS launch the game from the Start > All Programs > Core Design > TR2 > Play shortcut (onto which you applied the 'Win 98/ME compatibility' mode). Of course you can copy that shortcut to your desktop.

12-10-06, 02:08
i did what u said and it works now!! thank you soooooooo much!! :D you really know ya stuff!

12-10-06, 02:20
Great! :tmb: Have fun with the game! :D