View Full Version : Sony Vegas not opening .AVI

12-10-06, 20:56
Whenever I try to open an .AVI in Sony Vegas it says :

Video : Stream attribute could not be determined
Audio : Stream attribute could not be determined

It opens some AVI's like ones that I record with my webcam but anything else it will not open.

Can anyone help me please!?

15-10-06, 16:46
Can ANYONE help?

15-10-06, 18:11
Well I found someone with the same problem as you here (http://www.creativecow.net/forum/read_thread_content.php?postid=109158389926204&highlight=&forumid=24&threadid=634503&archive=_2004%7C5%7C4). Perhaps checking this out will help :)

16-10-06, 21:20
While i'm playing the preview it goes really glitchy when there are transitions so I went in to tools > preview in player then I wanted to make it render the preview as WMV because it would be quicker to render but it tells me that i do not have the right codec to do this.

Where could I get the right codecs?