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14-10-06, 02:11
Hey guys, I'm trying to install tomb raider legend onto my dad's new computer which is well beyond capable but the real problem is while im installing it gets about a quater done and all of a sudden an error message comes up and the intallation fails.
Anyone else have/had this problem?
I'm using the TRL DVD disc.

14-10-06, 02:16
What does it say (the error message)?

14-10-06, 02:25
well now that I'm trying it again the install just got stuck at that one point for 20 minutes going nowhere...I just cancled again now. I'll try one more time and see if it gives me a messege.

Has anyone complained about this before about installing?

14-10-06, 02:38
I tried again and it says now:
CRC error occured while installing!
Please read the Readme.rtf for additional Information and Technical Support contact information.

14-10-06, 02:53
That happens on a bad download or a burnt copy of the game.

14-10-06, 03:13
well it's the actual DVD so I don't see how this is possible!

14-10-06, 04:02
Check that the DVD-disc is free from scratches dust and fingerprints. :)

14-10-06, 17:17
See this thread: Legend won't start (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=76447) Maybe that helps. :)

15-10-06, 01:34
nope, nothing is helping.
This is a completely fresh new computer. There is nothing beside Norton AV on the computer.

15-10-06, 01:39
Disable antivirus before installing! Always.