View Full Version : TRC cutscene lip sync

Woop Legend!
15-10-06, 10:35
The lip sync on the cutscenes can sometimes be really off

I can play the game perfectly but it just happens halfway through the cut scene so their lips aren;'t moving right.

Any patch I can download?

15-10-06, 10:38
There is one avalaible at tombraiderchronicles.com for trc on xp :)
i think the problem could be like mine on TR3,do u ever close full screen,
to go to ur desktop during a cutscene ? This causes bad movement :(

15-10-06, 11:09
Hello Woop Legend! it is a specific PC-issue; relates to your PC's capabilities, so there's no patch to fix tat. Only hardware replacement (like a real soundcard instead of onboard soundchip) could.
On my PC the synch is fine!

Woop Legend!
15-10-06, 11:38
AHhhh I do ALT TAB out a lot to go to check a walkthrough

COuld that be the problem?

15-10-06, 13:01
To pause the game just press the Windows key. This will minimise the game and when you then click on the minimised shortcut to get back to the game just click resume.