View Full Version : TR2, questions about in-game graphics.

15-10-06, 16:01
Hi all,

since TR2 (like all of the games up to Chronicles) is locked at a maximum frame rate of about 24fps, is it at all possible to unlock it and get as many fps as the CPU/video card will manage? (My system far exceeds the requirements of the older games, naturally) :)

The other question I have is this: I must say the limitation of how far away the camera can see in-game is pretty annoying at times - it didn't bother me years ago, I guess, but this time (after seeing the huge, open environments in TRL in all their glory) it seems weird to swim around in the 40 Fathoms level with nothing but blackness all around when suddenly the wreck of the Maria Doria fades into sight practically right in front of Lara. :p
So, is it possible to change that, too? Has anyone tried altering the view distance? (I suppose that would require hacking the tomb2.exe file...)

17-10-06, 18:15
Hi Tomb_Vader!
There is no need to do all this, cause 24 fps is just enough for TR2 (xept you wanna place Coca-Cola ad as the 25-th one :D ), and darkness masks the boundaries of explorable level area ;)

18-10-06, 13:56
If there were no need, would I have asked? :P

And ixnay on the "explorable boundaries" - what I meant was how things ahead of Lara (that is, the camera) fade into view when closing in, and out into black when getting further away. One good example is the large cave at the end of The Great Wall. It's just a matter of how much of the scenery the game will render (to strike a balance between graphics card power and, well, in-game visuals) - and it is that balance I'd like to try and shift toward more visuals. :)