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16-10-06, 01:00
This may sound, and might as well be a stupid question, but it's worth asking.
Actually its pretty silly...
When I start playing TR4, load a level (or start new game) I can't exit the level I am playing without killing Lara, only then it brings me back to the menu. (Start new level, load, settings, exit...) AM I doing something wrong? Like I am bored playing and wanna leave but I can't. I keep pressing Esc and it brings me to the inventory. Tab doesn't do anything. I pressed every button on my keyboard and none of them bring me back to the main menu. I have to kill Lara every time! And sometimes if I don't have any enemies or traps around I have to TRAVEL for another 3 minutes to some place she can finally rest her soul. This is rediculous...I know, someone pls help.

16-10-06, 04:15
Try pressing p to bring up the pause menu

16-10-06, 04:26
Yes. P on your keyboard. (:p) Really!

16-10-06, 04:31
Guys I already tried that (cuz it works for the first TR) but no luck. I literally pressed EVERY key on my keyboard and I can't go into the menu. I can't even check what is the assigned button for the menu in the game. Where can I check that?:confused:

16-10-06, 04:38
Press "P". The letter P. Not the Pause key. The "P" key will litterelly pause the game and present you the luxury choice of:
Load Game
Save Game

The shortcuts are:
F5 = Save
F6 = Load
(or the other way around, i forgot atm)

"Esc" for the Inventory.

By the way, it's all in the game's Readme. ;)

16-10-06, 04:48
Oh!! I've figured it out! It was P - I just didn't think to press it (so I did miss a few....) hehe
Thanks a lot!:)

16-10-06, 04:59
I just didn't think to press it :vlol: Keyboard does not support telepathy yet! :D

16-10-06, 05:19
l remember it from when l played the times level years ago, could not work out how to get out of it and in panic went and found my Tomb Raider 4 manual, l had completely forgotton it was different to all the others

Lara Lover
16-10-06, 06:04
:whi: Thanks for that Joseph. :wve:

I always used to hit CTRL ALT DELETE to exit the game? :p

16-10-06, 17:51
or ALT+F4 :p

ooh wel... silly us.. we don't even know how to exit a game :tea:

16-10-06, 19:03
I always used to hit CTRL ALT DELETE to exit the game? :p
or ALT+F4

These ones break a programmer's heart :D