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Anime Master
17-10-06, 15:54
Hey everyone, I'm new here! So, I've got one problem, here's the story:

Earlier today, I was just thinking how much time passed since I played my first TR game, Dagger of Xian. So, I took my Sold Out CD and installed the TR. Then I noticed sound issues which reminded me why I didn't play it earlier. So, I searched around and found a way to fix that problem. I downloaded all I needed and burned a mixed CD... When I inserted the disc and played the game, I saw that everything was alright with the sound. But, when I started playing Lara's Home (XD), I saw (heard, rather) another problem... At the beggining, a sound for a cut-scene started to play. Which sounded really weird. :confused: I am SURE that I burned the songs in the right order. I just had to ask if you know what's wrong because I'm afraid that it may happen later in the game.

So, if you know how to solve this, please help.:(

17-10-06, 19:12
I'll move this to Technical Support where you will be more likely to get expert advice. :)

17-10-06, 20:18
You probably have forgotten the dummy track. ;)

Btw: Welcome to the forums Anime Master.

Anime Master
18-10-06, 10:58
Sry, but... what's a dummy track:confused: XD

18-10-06, 13:59
A very short, blank audio track. Usually that's track 1, and it serves no purpose other than to shift all the other tracks down by one, so the actual musical/sound effects tracks start playing from track 2 instead of 1. This is so when the game asks the drive to play a specific track, the correct one is played. :)

Anime Master
18-10-06, 14:05
I see... but track 01 is not blank, but -almost- black. Short 6 seconds, with two or three rly short sounds. Dunno if that's it, but if it isn't, where can I get it (or, to rephrase it, is it one of the 60 tracks from the download)

18-10-06, 17:55
It is part of the package yes. You have not followed the instructions exactly, otherwise this would not have happened. Read this (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=364128&postcount=5), i hope it helps. :)

Anime Master
18-10-06, 18:36
GASP!! Thank you soo much! ^^ Me wasn't reading the text carefully :tea:

18-10-06, 19:25
Well you're not the only one in that. Many people found Simulation's instructions confusing, that's why i wrote my additional comment. :D