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18-10-06, 10:07
I'm not getting any sound from Fraps recordings.

System: Dell XPS 400, Pentium D 3.0 Ghz, Windows XP, Sigma Tel Audio, input from Line In.

Fraps demo, ver. 2.7.3, build 5835

Control panel says Sound recording & playback set to Sigma Tel Audio, volume highest, recording Line In.

Playback via Windows Media Player, attempted update today, have latest.

I've tried 30 & 60 FPS at half-size. Record Sound is checked. Avi files from other sources play OK.

Would appreciate suggestions. Thank you

18-10-06, 16:48
"input from Line In" ???
Fraps is designed to record games playing on your PC, not via line IN.

18-10-06, 23:22
I'm not choosing "Line In", Fraps does during installation. I just uninstalled, then installed ver. 2.7.4. Clicking the Movies tab in Fraps shows "Line In" under "Sound Input", at the lower left.

In Control Panel under Sound and Audio Devices under Audio under Sound Recording under Options there are three selectable choices: Line In, Rear MIC, and Microphone. As an experiment, I changed the selection from Line In to Microphone (I don't have one). The installation of Fraps still chose Line In. Fraps documentation tells me to expect something like "What U Hear", "Record Master", or "Stereo Mixer", but I don't know what it should be for Sigma Tel Audio or where to change it.

18-10-06, 23:28
I have "Wave" under sound input.
Under Sound Device i have SB X-Fi Audio .

I have ticked [B]"detect best sound input".
You have ticked "Use Windows input". ;)

19-10-06, 00:17
I have "Wave" under sound input.
Under Sound Device i have SB X-Fi Audio .

I have ticked [B]"detect best sound input".
You have ticked "Use Windows input". ;) Sorry, I should have told you already that I also have "Detect best sound input" ticked. Though I also tried it the other way.

Did I remember to say that "Record Sound" is checked? Also "No cursor", though that sounds irrelevant.

Sound Device is "Sigma Tel Audio", which is my default device under Sound Playback & Sound Recording (in Control Panel). I tried switching to the other available choice under those two headings, "Modem #0 Line Record", which didn't help; but I didn't try re-installing Fraps after the change.

If nothing else comes to mind, I'll try searching for info on Sigma Tel High Definition Audio Codec, and for (more) from Dell and Fraps (maybe I should register first, I'm not poor). Also Windows Media Player, since the problem could be with the playback software. I need to test a completely different game, too.

19-10-06, 00:25
Did you install audiosoftware from SigmaTel? Does it have a control panel (audiomixer)? Is your PC old?

I think your problem is with the onboard soundchip, that it isn't able to produce sound and record sound simultaneously. A real sound card like Audigy 2 ZS or X-Fi can.

19-10-06, 07:06
I purchased this Dell XPS 400 new in Dec. '05. The Sigma Tel Audio came installed. Under "Entertainment" I have Volume Control with Speaker Volume, also Wave, SW Synth, CD Player, and Input Monitor (grayed out). This doesn't sound like an audiomixer.

Device Manager under Sound, video & game controllers has Sigma Tel High Defifinition Audio CODEC.

I'm still hoping even if this is software that it can perform both functions at once. Sounds like I need to contact Fraps and/or Dell. Thank you for your help. If you have any more ideas, please let me know.

19-10-06, 07:57
I'm not poor). I highly recommend you to buy and install a real soundcard, and your Best option is a Creative X-Fi. (http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=312204)

19-10-06, 10:46
Thank you.

19-10-06, 10:53
Sigma Tel audiochip is not capable of recording streaming audio.
Besides that, a soundcard as recommended will enhance your sound experience enormously! :tmb: Plus: onboard soundchip puts a load on the CPU, real souncards like Audigy 2 ZS or better the X-Fi, produce the sound on their own. Better overall performance of your PC, phenomenal sound output, and unlimited mixing capabilities.
Btw: you get the best out of the X-Fi with high quality THX certified speakers. 2.1 or up to 7.1 surround. :)

26-03-08, 23:50
I have it set to Detect Best Sound Input, but still no sound. I can hear my mic input, but not the actual game's audio.

Sound Device:
C-Media Wave Device

Sound Input:

I don't know how/have the option to change either. :confused:

27-03-08, 00:27
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