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18-10-06, 18:12
When I try to install TRLE (The full version) It comes up with a CD maker. (Is that normal?) So I assumed I had to put trle in the CD recorder. I tried to.. but it only accepts .wavs .mp3s etc. WHY do we need to put it on a CD when we can easily install it from a single file?

18-10-06, 18:15
You do not need to burn a cd. You can install from IsoBuster. Hang on, i'll find the link for you.

18-10-06, 18:17
The easiest way to install the downloaded LE:
you can install directly from the ISO if you use IsoBuster (http://www.smart-projects.net/recover.php) . No need to burn CD or DVD.

1. Download trle_iso.zip to your desktop.
2. Extract the zip file into a new folder called trle_iso.
3. Launch IsoBuster.
4. Select File > Open Image File. Navigate to the trle_iso folder, select trle_full_image.iso
5. In the right-hand panel all the contents of the .iso file appear.
6. Place cursor in that panel, use Ctrl+A to select all. Right-click in the highlighted selection, select "Extract Objects".
7. Menu "Select Folder" appears. Select the trle_iso folder, and press OK.
8. All .iso files will be extracted to normal files.
9. Install TRLE from the setup.exe. :tmb:

Make sure you have extensions visible.
Control Panel > FolderOptions > tab View > tick OFF "Hide extensions for known filetypes"

Finally, download and install the Level Editor patch from this page (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/windowsxp2.html) to solve the slow level loading problem. :)