View Full Version : how can i get clips from a dvd?

19-10-06, 17:23
Hi :wve:

I was wondering, when using Windows Movie Maker, is it posssible to retrieve clips off a DVD in the DVD drive to edit and put in a dvd? thankies. :wve:

oh, and if you help me, i promise to get better at making movies. :D

19-10-06, 17:55
Have you already tried it? If they are clips, why wouldn't you be able to copy them to your harddiskdrive, for instance using Nero?

19-10-06, 19:23
You won't get better at making movies by copying other ones. Either way, you first have to make sure that the DVD you have is not copy protected. It is no problem at all to circumvent that copy protection, it is just illegal, even though you paid for the DVD. Then you need a program to convert the actual film clip. I found Handbrake (http://handbrake.m0k.org/) to be a very nice tool, but it seems the windows version is not quite done yet.

20-10-06, 20:24
okay, welll never mind. thanks anyway